Robin Heslop, 2012
At Studio 18 in Penbroke Pines, FL where my paintings are displayed.


Here are some of the artistic building blocks of the paintings I've worked passionately on for many years:

The majority are acrylic: many layers on a stretched canvas.

Some paintings are mixed media: oils and acrylic on the same canvas.

Others are accented with pastels, as well as highlighted in gold, silver, or copper leaf.

Final touches are added using iridescent and fine interference colors.

I hope you enjoy the vibrant colors and different styles. I make an effort to paint something very different each time I pick up those wonderful brushes!

I enjoy doing commissions, so let's discuss your vision. Email me and I'll give you a call.

For more about me, just CLICK on my self portrait below.

I paint, therefore I am...

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Clouds sailing Crane landing
Clouds and Crane